Advanced Server Repair and Maintenance

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Advanced Server Repair and Maintenance

Course Overview:

Join our comprehensive Advanced Server Repair and Maintenance course to delve into the intricate world of server systems. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge required to diagnose, repair, and maintain various server components. As servers play a critical role in modern businesses, this course opens doors to lucrative career opportunities in the IT industry.

Course Duration: 6 Weeks
Course Content:
Module 1: Introduction to Server Technology

- Understanding server architecture and components

- Differentiating between types of servers (rack, tower, blade)

- Exploring server operating systems

Module 2: Server Hardware Diagnosis

- Identifying common server hardware issues

- Using diagnostic tools for hardware troubleshooting

- Hands-on practice with real server hardware

Module 3: Server Software Troubleshooting

- Analyzing server software errors and failures

- Troubleshooting operating system and application issues

- Hands-on experience with virtualization technologies

Module 4: RAID and Storage Systems

- Understanding RAID configurations and levels

- Configuring and troubleshooting storage devices

- Exploring data recovery techniques

Module 5: Networking and Connectivity

- Configuring network settings on servers

- Troubleshooting network connectivity problems

- Exploring remote management tools

Module 6: Server Security and Maintenance

- Implementing server security best practices

- Performing routine server maintenance tasks

- Updating firmware and drivers

Module 7: Server Backup and Disaster Recovery

- Developing effective backup strategies

- Creating and restoring server backups

- Planning for disaster recovery scenarios

Module 8: Industry Best Practices

- Adhering to industry standards and regulations

- Keeping up with the latest server technologies

- Case studies and real-world examples

Practical Assignments:

Throughout the course, students will engage in hands-on practical assignments, working with actual server hardware and simulated scenarios. These assignments will reinforce learning and develop problem-solving skills.

Placement Assistance:

Upon completing the course, students will receive 100% placement support, enabling them to secure positions in top MNCs and IT firms.

Enroll now and become an expert in Advanced Server Repair and Maintenance, contributing to the seamless functioning of critical IT infrastructure. Your journey towards a rewarding IT career starts here.