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Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets

Daily life now depends on essential gadgets like laptops, printers, desktops, mobiles, TVs, smart TVs, iPads, and tablets. These gadgets have totally changed how we work, study, communicate, and enjoy ourselves. But what happens when these important devices stop working or have technical problems?
It interrupts our daily routines, affects our ability to be productive, and makes it hard to stay connected. In these situations, it becomes even more important to make sure that these gadgets are working properly.
At MTS Classes, we understand how important it is to fix technical problems quickly. This is where our courses come in. Our courses not only teach people how to fix these devices, but they also give them a chance to find jobs and start businesses in this field.

Laptop Repairing Course

Explore laptop repair, especially chip-level repair training. Master the skills to diagnose and fix core hardware issues.


Server Maintains

Become an expert in taking care of servers at our computer training institute in Thane. Learn how to make sure important systems run smoothly. Improve your career with computer training.


Desktop Repairing Course

Check out our computer repair course in Mumbai. Understand computer systems thoroughly. Learn to address technical problems related to desktops.


Mobile Repairing Course

Master mobile repair intricacies with our comprehensive course, equipping you with skills essential for today's tech demands.


Digital Camera operations

Capture every moment flawlessly; our digital camera operations course provides hands-on expertise for photography enthusiasts.


All in one operations Course

Unlock versatile tech skills with our all-in-one operations course, spanning hardware repair, networking fundamentals, and software troubleshooting.


TV & Smart TV Course

Excel in TV technology; our expert-led course covers hardware diagnostics and software optimization for smart TVs.


HDD Repair Course

Revolutionize data storage solutions; our HDD repair course delves deep into mechanical and logical troubleshooting.


Printer Repair & Maintains Course

Becoming a printer technician is seamless with our comprehensive course covering repair, maintenance, and calibration.


Hardware and Networking Course

Master hardware and networking essentials with our industry-led training, preparing you for a successful IT career.


IPad & Tablets operations Course

Navigate iPads and tablets like a pro; our specialized course covers hardware repairs and software optimization.


Electronic Technician Course

Embark on a journey to electronic mastery; our hands-on course covers soldering, circuitry troubleshooting, and more.

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At MTS Classes, our courses not only show you how to fix devices but also get you ready for success in the tech world. Come join us to get practical experience, special knowledge, and a chance to explore many opportunities in technology. Start your journey to becoming a skilled technician right here at MTS Classes.
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