MTS Classes

About Us

Come to MTS Classes, where we teach you all about technology and how it is changing the world. We are one of the best places to learn chiplevel repair training and electronic training courses in Mumbai.

Who Are We?

We are MTS Classes, a well-known place for laptop repairing institute in Mumbai. We are good at it, and now we are sharing what we know all over the country.
Since the beginning, MTS Classes has taught more than 10,000 students, turning them into professionals ready to work in the industry.

What We Do?


At MTS Classes, we offer different types of classes to help you with computer fixes, chip-level repair training, and understanding hardware and networking. Our computer repair classes are made to give you hands-on skills and important knowledge for success in the tech industry.
Our hardware and networking course in Mumbai is designed by top IT experts to give you all the important knowledge you need. It helps you understand and fix difficult computer issues easily.
If you want to be skilled at fixing laptops, our laptop repairing course is an ideal choice. This course provides hands-on training, helping you understand and address laptop issues efficiently.
At MTS Classes, we do not just stick to these classes. We also provide many other opportunities to learn because the IT field is always changing. Check out our different tech courses, like the one about computer hardware and networking or the one on fixing laptops and desktops. Join us to get better at technology.

Repair Services

Besides our great courses, we also provide excellent repair services, such as laptop repair services, desktop repair services, and motherboard repair services. Our skilled team makes sure your devices are fixed quickly and work well again.

Benefits of Our Courses

Our classes are made to teach you things and help you start a career. Here is why our classes are special:

1. Up-to-Date Learning18

Our teachers are really skilled at their jobs. They are experts in IT and have lots of experience and useful knowledge to share in the classroom.

2. Skilled Teachers

Our lessons follow what is happening in the industry right now, so students are always up-to-date.

3. Helping You Find Jobs and Start Your Own Business

Our teachers are really skilled at their jobs. They are experts in IT and have lots of experience and useful knowledge to share in the classroom.

Benefits of Our Services

We fix things quickly, reliably, and with high quality. Here is why choosing us is a smart decision:

1. Expert Technicians

Our skilled technicians know all about the newest technology and can solve any problem with accuracy

2. Quick Help

We know time matters, so we make sure our services are fast and effective.

3. Affordable Services with High Quality

We offer services at a good price without sacrificing the quality of our work.

What Makes Us Special

What makes us stand out is how much we care about giving you great education and service. We are always trying to learn more and get better, and you will see that in what we teach and how we help you.
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