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Mobile Repairing and Maintenance

Course Details

Enroll in MTS Classes’ Mobile Repairing and Maintenance course in Mumbai and Thane to become a skilled mobile technician capable of handling a wide range of mobile devices, including iPhone, Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, Samsung, and more. This comprehensive syllabus ensures that you gain the knowledge and expertise required to excel in the rapidly evolving field of mobile repair. Join us today and embark on a journey towards a successful career in mobile technology! For course details and enrolment, contact us.



Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Mobile Technology
  • Basics of mobile communication
  • Evolution of mobile devices
  • Components of a mobile phone
  • Types of mobile devices (smartphones, etc.)
Module 2: Tools and Equipment
  • Essential tools for mobile repair
  • Multimeter usage and measurements
  • Soldering and desoldering techniques
  • Use of heat guns and hot air stations
Module 3: Understanding Mobile Hardware
  • Motherboard components and layout
  • Identification of ICs, capacitors, resistors, connectors, etc.
  • Types of connectors and their uses
  • Mobile batteries: types, care, and replacement
Module 4: Mobile Software and Operating Systems
  • Introduction to mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Flashing and updating firmware
  • Use of flashing tools and software
  • Use of flashing tools and software
  • Troubleshooting software-related issues
Module 5: Mobile Assembling and Disassembling
  • Step-by-step disassembly and assembly of different mobile models
  • Handling delicate components during assembly
  • Proper handling and storage of screws and small parts
Module 6: Display and Touchscreen Repairs
  • Types of mobile displays (LCD, OLED, AMOLED, etc.)
  • Replacement of broken screens
  • Calibration and testing of touchscreens
  • Dealing with display-related problems
Module 7: Mobile Hardware Repair
  • Troubleshooting power-related issues
  • Repairing charging ports and connectors
  • Replacement of faulty ICs and components
  • Dealing with water-damaged phones
Module 8: Camera and Audio System Repairs
  • Repairing and replacing front and back cameras
  • Troubleshooting microphone and speaker issues
  • Repairing headphone jacks and audio-related problems
Module 9: Network and Connectivity Issues
  • Diagnosing network and signal problems
  • Repairing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data connectivity
  • IMEI repair and troubleshooting network-related errors
Module 10: Advanced Repairs and Special Cases
  • Repairing advanced components (fingerprints sensors, Face ID, etc.)
  • Repairing water-damaged devices
  • Soldering and reballing techniques for ICs
  • Troubleshooting complex issues
Module 11: Brand-Specific Repairs
  • Repair techniques for different brands (iPhone, Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, Samsung, etc.)
  • Identifying brand-specific components and designs
  • Handling software and hardware issues unique to each brand
Module 12: Business and Customer Interaction
  • Setting up a mobile repair business
  • Customer service and interaction skills
  • Pricing strategies for repairs and services
  • Warranty policies and after-sales support
Module 13: Practical Sessions and Hands-On Training
  • Hands-on repair exercises on various mobile models
  • Real-life repair scenarios and case studies
  • Practice sessions for different repair techniques
  • Staying updated with the latest mobile technologies
  • Exploring new tools, techniques, and advancements
  • Adapting to changing trends in the mobile repair industry
Module 15: Final Assessment and Certification
  • Comprehensive assessment of theoretical knowledge and practical skills
  • Awarding of MTS Classes Mobile Repairing and Maintenance Certification
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