Laptop Chiplevel Repairing Course in Mumbai

Enroll in our comprehensive laptop repairing courses that focus on practical chip-level skills. Our courses feature engaging animations and easily digestible graphics, making complex theories understandable for everyone. Get hands-on experience working with the latest laptop models, including cutting-edge generations. Witness live demonstrations using the latest tools and instruments. We're committed to providing support even after you've completed the course. Your journey to becoming a skilled laptop repair technician starts here.

Basic Electronics
  • Current, Voltage, Ampere, Wattage

  • MOSFET types and function.

  • Resistor with its ohm’s law.

  • AC and DC supply.

  • Digital electronics

  • Integrated chips types SMD, BGA

  • Diodes with rectifiers.

  • Component checking by Digital multi-meter.

  • Types of Power supply and it’s working.

  • Capacitors, Inductors.

  • Types of Power supply and it’s working.

  • Adopter working principal

  • Transformers, crystal

Course Timing
Advanced Chip Level

TIMING: 11:00 am TO 06:00 pm
DURATION : 1 Month
TIMING: 10:00 am TO 01:00 pm
04:00 pm TO 07:00 pm
07:00 pm TO 09:00 pm
DURATION: 1 Month (Monday to Saturday)

Explore the Training Programs Offered by Mumbai's Leading Laptop Repairing Institutes

Instrument handling
  • Soldering and disordering

  • Digital multi-meter

  • Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine.

  • BGA Rework re balling and rework

  • Oscilloscope digital storage

  • Ram card tester

  • CPU socket tester

  • Debug card codes and function

  • Power Unit for short circuit testing

  • Regulated DC Power Supply

  • Oven Reflow

  • BIOS Programming & SIO programming

For Working Professionals
TIMING: 11:00 am TO 02:00 pm
04:00 pm TO 07:00 pm
07:00 pm TO 09:00 pm
DURATION: 2 Month (Monday to Friday)
Advance Laptop Service Training (Chip Level)
  • Laptop Assembling and dissembling.

  • ICs detail and function.

  • Linear Regulator & Buck converter supply.

  • Understanding board view.

  • Desktop motherboard Power sequence.C2D to latest generations.

  • Fault finding procedure of laptop.

  • Laptop power steam & VRM, suspended voltage & always voltages.

  • Understanding schematics diagram

  • Use of Debug card post error code.

  • Voltages on different chips.

  • Power seq. of compel, quanta,

  • wistron, Foxconn motherboards

  • Laptop different section working principal.

  • Common problem of different motherboards.

  • Block diagram of Laptop & signal flow.

  • HINGES & body fabrication etc.

  • Practical chip level faults finding dead motherboards, power on no display, short circuit problem, dim display, white display

  • How to repair dead laptop

  • Fault finding using digital multi-meter & socket tester

  • Clock frq. & voltage flow on motherboard.

  • Battery charging section.

  • Fault finding using Oscilloscope (DSO).

  • LCD & LED section. Dimm, White display

  • Fault finding in LCD & LED monitors

  • Inverter Section and CCFL.

  • Different password removing methods and steps.

  • CPU fundamental and generation core i3 i5 i7

  • Identifying CPU by their sockets

  • SIO Programming & Fault finding SHORT CIRCUIT using DC power supply.

  • Function of PCH, SIO, Clock, BIOS chips,

  • power sequence till reset circuitry

  • Function of audio section, network section

  • Function of Touch pad & keyboard.

  • Bios programming EC BIOS and PCH BIOS

  • Diagnosing HARD DISK, USB, and fan related issue

Crash Course

TIMING: 11:00 am TO 06:00 pm
DURATION : 7 to 10 Days
TIMING: 11:00 am TO 02:00 pm
04:00 pm TO 07:00 pm
07:00 pm TO 09:00 pm
DURATION: 15 to 20 Days

weekly Batches

TIMING: 11:00 am TO 05:00 pm
DURATION: 8 to 10 Saturday